About Green Life in Croatia

The goal of Green Life in Croatia is to ignite a passionate commitment to environmental conservation. Our primary objective is to illuminate the plight of endangered species, commencing our journey with birds as symbolic ambassadors reaching for the skies and beyond. However, our unwavering commitment extends to every endangered species residing on Croatian soil. Specifically, we aim to shed light on the crucial importance of strictly protected species—native organisms on the brink of endangerment, narrowly distributed endemics, or those expressly designated for protection by the regulatory frameworks of the European Union and international agreements.


Our mission is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the delicate balance of our ecosystem and inspire collective action. By doing so, we endeavour to safeguard the unique and precious wildlife that graces Croatia, ensuring its preservation for generations to come. Join us on this enlightening journey as we share a series of short announcements, each dedicated to spotlighting an endangered species and underscoring the vital role it plays in maintaining the ecological equilibrium.

For those seeking more in-depth information, it's crucial to note that the current list of strictly protected species is meticulously outlined in the "Pravilnik o strogo zaštićenim vrstama" (Regulation on Strictly Protected Species) as per the official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia (NN 144/13, 73/16). Stay tuned for updates, insights, and engaging content as we navigate the path towards a greener, more sustainable Croatia.